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Our Speak Up Summit Review

We had over 10 organizations involved in this project!

We are thankful to all the women and individuals who spoke!

We pulled all the stops for this event. Two of our content creators were involved. We only work with Brown or Black content creators. Guia Flores did pre-event practicing, Britney Sinclair did all of the social media, and Yael and Laura (speakers) assisted us with interviews and consulting.

We are grateful to the support from Social Media Breakfast Club for their grant support. Shout out to Park Bank and Centro Hispano for supporting the speakers. We had so many people order the T-Shirt, and a couple of people ordered the "bring a Friend" tickets.

For some of our speakers, it was the first time they had been paid to speak.

For some, it was their first time using social media to promote their work. Working with Vanessa Castillo was very special!

Thank you to the speakers and the community that sustain them to do what they do. Mujeres rarely are ever working alone. We have people supporting us, family, and supporting ourselves is work too.


Speak Up! Speakers:

Curandera Marcela Kyngesburye, Transformational Coach, Healer, Zen Leader

Araceli Esparza, Founder, Latina Speaker, Online Community Organizer, Storytelling Expert

Vanessa Castillo, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Founder, and Talkshow Host

Circle 1:

Karen Garcia, Career Advisor, Motivator, Chamber Ambassador

Luz Gonzalez, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Content Creator, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

Felisa Forte MBA, Financial Professional, Money, and Savings Expert

Isamaresy Reyes, ESL Career Readiness Coordinator, Empathetic, Maximizer, and Activator in Higher Education.

Mindfulness Story and Tapping session

Rebecca Arrichielo, Business Operations, Campion of Inclusion and Belonging

Circle 2:

Celina Lee, Global Tedx Speaker, Career and Executive Coach

Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez, Identity, Relationships, Embodiment, Sex Coach, and Founder of Sex Positive You.

Araceli Esparza, Founder, Latina Speaker, Online Community Organizer, Storytelling Expert

Circle 3:

Yvette Duranzo, Founder of Unitive Consulting, Expert Conflict Management, and Author

Dr. Laura Minero, Licensed Psychologist, Anti-racist, Equity, and LGBTQ+ Affirming Community Consultant and Healer

nora rahimian, Anti-Capitalist Business coach, and #CultureFix CEO

Here is a video that we did leading up to the event:

We also did an

Instagram Live in preparation:

Madison365 article and podcast!!!!

LOVE OUR LOCAL Media! AND THANK YOU FOR COMING!*****************************

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