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What is the thing that brings us together? Our Stories!

About Midwest Mujeres

Midwest Mujeres (Midwest Women) is a mentorship collective for multicultural women's entrepreneurial or career growth. We focus on storytelling, networking, mentoring, marketing, and helping women build their platforms to close the wage gap for all women. We hold quarterly meet-ups and mentoring. 


This project is dedicated to recruiting women with barriers to re-entry work from a long pause or formerly incarcerated women. We train women to become storytellers and public speakers. 

We create a culture of belonging for everyone who wants to celebrate equity, unity, and empowerment for women.

We build community and give our members opportunities to expand their careers or entrepreneurial work through speaking engagements and our annual storytelling event: Yo Quiero Dinero. 

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Meet the people we
collaborate with and empower 

Interested in Collaborating?

Advisory Board
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Meet our advisory board!

Karen Garcia

Career Advisor, Motivator, Chingona.

"I said YES to every rollercoaster (twice)!!"

Robbi Dominguez

Owner of Madison Studio 11 Your Fitness Bestie!

"It's never too late to start the longer your wait, the harder to start."

Yo Quiero Dinero Team

Johnathan William Delgado, Yazmin Sulem Lopez, Liz Camacho, Anna Jordan-Vazquez, and GiovanniAleman Sotelo

"Together we will close the wage gap for all!"

Shady Sat English.jpg
Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores

Organizer and Social Justice Activist.​

"It's possible for you to feel supported and valued!"

Veronica Figueroa Velez

Artist, Consultant, Grant Writer, and Executive Director of DAMA Arts.

"I believe that we are all creative beings, and our originality holds the power that helps us survive and thrive."

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Qiana Holmes

Business Mentor, Higher Education Leader, Retail Queen of Village Girl Boutique. Her style is a mix of modern Africana vibes with empowerment!

"Closed mouths don't get fed!"

Screenshot_20221011-202247_Gallery - Felisa Forte.jpg
Felisa Forte, MBA

Financial Professional, Money and Savings expert. Passionate about teaching others how to save and reach their money goals

"Financial wellness is for everyone!!"

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Yazmin Lopez

Serial Entrepreneur, and Community focused. Her mission is to reconnect to her Mixtec indigenous roots and support DACA/undocumented immigrants rights. 

"We deserve to thrive regardless of our status"

Victoria Thayer, CPA

Business Advisor with deep expertise in finance management. Community orientated, servant leader, and  wants to see Latinas and all women win! 

"Giving back is half the battle, representation 


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