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Yo Quiero Dinero, presents Guest Speaker, Robbi Dominguez, and owner of Your Gym Bestie!

With a warm welcome, we present to you our guest speaker, Robbi Dominguez!

Robbi Dominguez is a visionary Latina entrepreneur who is on a remarkable journey to make a meaningful impact while pursuing her passion and building a thriving business. Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Robbi embodies the spirit of empowerment, striving to uplift others while embracing her love for wellness and fitness.

Her new business, "Your Gym Bestie" speaks to Robbi's inspiring path, from her humble beginnings to her current pursuit of helping women transform their commitment to fitness, all while turning her passion into a profitable venture.

Here is an excerpt from our recent radio show with Ali Muldrow, on WORT 89.9's A Public Affair, show. Catch the whole show here! Thank you Ali + WORT Radio for your continueous support of our organization!

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