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Yo Quiero Dinero, presents Guest Speaker, Qiana Holmes, Village Girl Boutique

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We are very honored to have Qiana Holmes, as a guest speaker for Yo Quiero Dinero!

For many years, she has quietly supported Midwest Mujeres, as a consultant to how to grow our mentoring program, to connecting with our vendors for large city wide festivals. We are very grateful for her support!

Qiana Holmes is an educator, owner of Village Girl Boutique, and a speaker. She has worked in education for over 15 years. She works to empower rural northern families by bridging the gaps to access education.

Qiana began her business Village Girl Boutique in 2018 after several trips to Africa.

She enjoys sharing the rich beauty she experiences in African textiles. Village Girl Boutique is a global fashion brand that exudes confidence through high-quality, African-inspired, ready-to-wear fabrics and accessories for women.

Qiana enjoys connecting business owners to resources and speaks on the power of getting started. She is a UW Whitewater graduate of Social Work, an UpStart graduate, and a YWCA Amplify Awardee, as well as a proud mother of two adult sons.

Here is her feature video by LessWorks Media! Big Ups to LessWorks!

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