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Yo Quiero Dinero presents Founder and Speaker, Araceli Esparza

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hello, Hola,

My name is Araceli Esparza, I'm the founder of Midwest Mujeres. My work comes from the historical work of Gloria Anzaldua, bell hooks, Aurora Levins Morales, critical race theory through a Chicana lens, intersectionality, social entrepreneurism, and social justice.

I created Midwest Mujeres Collective to help Latinas expand their networks and grow their businesses. We focus on networking, mentoring, and marketing/business growth education.

***In this video, I talk about the racial wealth gap and what inspires me to do this work of closing the gender pay gap using "unconventional" tools like storytelling***

On the real: I built in Midwest Mujeres, because I didn't see myself and all of these entrepreneurial workshops that I took. I didn't see the brown woman struggling between two worlds. I didn't see the brown women getting encouragement from other brown women. I also didn't see a space that celebrated our Chicana culture.

I created Midwest Mujeres Mentoring to help Latinas and women expand their networks, grow their businesses, develop communication skills like storytelling, and provide a community for economic development and professional networking.

I'm a writer, I'm a creator, and I love creating. So I thought this would be a great way to utilize a collaborative membership model, and we hold cohort learning opportunities with experts in the field of branding, corporate storytelling, and presentation skills.

Midwest Mujeres (Midwest Women) is a mentoring collective helping to raise social capital for Latina entrepreneurs, and women of color.

Bottom line: We help high-impact multicultural women expand their platforms.

If no one else values a stories, we must begin valuing our own stories!

¡Yo Quiero Dinero Baby!

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