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Yo Quiero Dinero II Recap!

Our location was special, with huge windows, a nice lounge area, and breakout rooms. MyArts building is a beautiful example of when the artist and our community are put into the center of the design. Our collective member and business owner, Yazmin Sulem Lopez of Kashima cleaning, hosted our breakfast. Then we were blessed by having interpreters from the interpreters' coop, Latino Chamber, WWIBC, Roots4Change, and part of the leadership of Urban Triage, along with so many women entrepreneurs who got to network and get to know new faces!

Robbi Dominguez from Madison Studio 11 talked about

commitment and change and what it takes to realize our goals. We then had Afra Smith of The Melanin Project and Adina Appelbaum from Immigrant Finance.

Coming from the east coast, Adina had a couple of travel challenges. While she gave her talk, her voice filled with pride and emotion as she realized this travel helped her affirm her mission to help empower others to become financially sound!

Then we had catered lunch by Primos Restaurant, which is co-owned by Adrianna. Yazmin, Shadayra, and Lisset, our Be Bold graduates, assisted with placing the food! Thank you, ladies! Thank you so much to our sponsors, supporters, and attendees!!


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