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Midwest Mujeres, who are we?

Midwest Mujeres (Midwest Women) is a mentoring collective helping to raise social capital for grassroots organizations. We help high-impact multicultural women expand their platforms. Midwest Mujeres helps Latinas and women expand their network and grow their businesses or professional knowledge while helping national brands and nonprofit organizations reach their target audience.

The how we do what we do

As a networking collective, we curate and connect people through our signature workshops and provide opportunities that expand their platform. We ultimately want to connect mentees and mentors thru a month-long mentorship that will create short and attainable goals to increase their network or professional knowledge and build their digital footprint, resumes, virtual workshop facilitation, content creation, and networking.

The why we started what we did

We created Midwest Mujeres to help Latinas and all women expand their networks and grow their businesses or professional knowledge. We focus on networking, mentoring, marketing, and building nonprofit organizations serving health, wellness, the arts, consultant/freelance work, and social justice issues. I say we because I am not alone, I have worked with several project assistants, board ambassadors, and community partners to grow this corner of Wisconsin online. Where women of all classes and backgrounds living in the Midwest have a passion for helping people with a social justice corazón!


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