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Meet the Expert Voices! of our upcoming Workshop Event for Financial Success

Join us for the “I Want Money” Workshop Series: Dress, Feel, and Empower Yourself for Financial Success! It’s happening on Saturday, May 18th, from 11:00 AM to 3:10 PM at the Starting Block, 821 E. Washington Ave. This workshop is a perfect way to embrace the growth and renewal that comes with May.

It’s more than just a workshop—it’s an experience designed to shift your mindset and set you on the path to financial success. Whether you’re starting out, running a business, or somewhere in between, this event is for you.

Here’s a First Look at our Event Agenda 

1 A) Money, Vision & Goals (English): Transform abstract visions into concrete financial goals with Amy Crowe from Summit Credit Union

1 B) Reinventarse sin Reventarse (Español): Transform abstract visions into concrete financial goals with Adriana Laitano. Join us in Spanish on the Second Floor!

2. How to Dress for Impact on a Budget: Style, professionalism, and affordability expertly combined.

3. Panel Discussion: Navigating Networking Challenges as a Person of Color in the Midwest: Gain insights and strategies from industry leaders and advocates

Click below to snag your Tickets.

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View our Agenda for the day

Meet the Financial and Wellness Speakers!

Question: What is money vs. worth?

women with glasses representing Summit Credit Union
Amy Crowe

“I’m passionate about illuminating the connection between mindset and money behavior and empowering others to make breakthrough changes that result in financial transformation.”

Amy Crowe, CUDE, CEPF, Summit Credit Union

is a personal finance expert with 25 years of experience writing, speaking, and educating about money.  

Latina Life Coach
Adriana Laitano

Adriana Laitano

CEO of Reinventarse sin Reventarse

Follow Adriana’s Work here: LinkedIn

Adriana Laitano holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Business, showcasing a diverse educational background. As the creator of the podcast “Reinventarse sin Reventarse,” Adriana addresses the challenges of migration and generously shares valuable resources through her social networks to support the community.

"Embrace the immigrant journey with courage. Your resilience defines your strength. Each challenge conquered brings you closer to your dreams”

What is money vs worth?

"Money and worth complement each other because the more self-value you possess, the more money you attract."

Introducing our Fashion workshop facilitators.

What does style mean to you and your identity?

Latina Stylist wearing a green suit
Maria Bonnette Lopez

Maria Bonnet Lopez is the inaugural Social Stylist at Chico’s FAS, Inc. in Wisconsin. She is dedicated to empowering women through fashion. With expertise in Chico’s, WHBM, and Soma, Maria offers personalized style guidance and professional wardrobe insights to elevate your confidence and presence.

“One suit at a time”

“Antes muerta que sencilla” ~ Horóscopo de Durango

"Whether offering style advice or fostering academic growth, my aim remains the same: to inspire confidence and success in all aspects of life."

Latino man wearing glasses in a suit
Javier Acevedo

Chief Development Officer (CDO) & Managing Director of Operations at the Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce.

Javier also serves on The Governor’s Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council (GEIAC). He provides strategic guidance in developing a sustainable framework to promote and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion practices for the State of Wisconsin.

"Style isn't just what you wear; it's how you carry yourself through the world. Just as diversity enriches our communities, embracing our unique cultural styles enriches our interactions."

Women with a suit jacket and a clothing measuring tape around her neck
Laura Fitzgerald

Laura Fitzgerald is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning retail, sales, and marketing. With a passion for style and a keen eye for fashion trends, she has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of professional clothier. Laura brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to her role through her expertise in understanding customer needs and her knack for curating bespoke wardrobe solutions. Her journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of providing unparalleled service in fashion.

"Your style defines your personality! It can be a way to express your inner beauty." 

Meet the Panelists for the Black and Afro-Latino y Mujeres Talkback on Networking as a person of color!

What is your advice for networking as a person of color?

Latino Man wearing a suite
Johnathan Delgado

Grassroots Community Engagement Specialist, the Puerto Rican Awareness Project Founder, Student.

Johnathan is a dedicated advocate for women’s rights and gender equality, actively combatting the gender wage gap.

He serves as Secretary on the board of directors with Midwest Mujeres, a leading organization in the fight for gender equity. Additionally, Johnathan leads the innovative Midwest Mujeres for Men programming, which focuses on content for men and addresses the complex intersectionality of patriarchy, masculinity, and feminism. Johnaton strives to create a more inclusive and equitable society through his leadership and advocacy.

Recently, Johnathan has returned to complete his undergraduate degree in Psychotherapy and Social Work, furthering his commitment to serving communities and promoting social justice.

"My advise is: Volunteer or work for organizations that align with your mission in life, learn from them,  take the lessons you've earned, add a lil passion, and contribute to your community" 

Lorissa Bañuelos, Community Engagement Strategist, Marketing Professional, City of Madison.

Bañuelos serves as a catalyst to leverage best practices and resources in diversity, equity, and inclusion work throughout our city and community. She also serves on the Midwest Mujeres advisory council for Yo Quiero Dinero!

"Remember, your voice matters, your perspective adds value, and networking is an opportunity to learn the value of your voice. Networking helps establish your voice empowers you to make the right connections and advance in directions that best serve your purpose!"

Tara Wilhelmi, Community Impactor, Mental Health Campian, Aneises Therapy Center, EOTO

"When networking, acknowledge that each person has a unique journey. Together, we can break barriers, heal wounds, and pave the way for everyone to thrive."

Asian Indian Woman in glasses and starry background
Nita Ambedkar

Nita Ambedkar, Digital Transformation and Data Integration Analyst. Expert in Strategy Planning and PMO executive, Founder, and Board Member

"Best tip for Networking is to start!"


We can’t wait for you to meet this incredible team, ready to support you every step of the way. Embrace this unique opportunity to network, gain insights, and fuel your journey toward financial success.


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