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Make the Most of the "I Want Money" Workshop Series

Updated: May 10

Hello, lovely readers!

May has arrived, bringing a breath of fresh air and new opportunities.

This month, we want to give a special shoutout to all the amazing mothers who fill our lives with love.

In honor of our mothers, Midwest Mujeres would like to honor our mothers.

“To my dear Mamá, Ana, te amo, eres la persona más linda que conozco en el mundo <3” (from Fernanda Alayo, Bilingual Bicultural Blogger and Member Connector)

“Sylvia, Mi Mama G, The true OG! Love you Madre!" (Araceli E. Founder)

"We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends, and living our lives." (Carla M., Marketing Director)

Upcoming Member News 🗞️

A new initiative that we are pushing forward is our Member highlights.

We are so pleased to be able to offer this to our first 100 members for FREE!

Stay tuned for more news!

May’s Spotlight Members:

Jamie Perez She/Her- Videographer & Story Teller, owner of Beyond Words Productions. 

“At Beyond Words Productions, we don't just create videos—we create experiences that resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring action in support of your cause.”

Follow Jamie's work here

Mariela Garay She/Her- Financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual

“Empowering first-gen professionals to build financial security for themselves and for their families is a big emphasis in my practice. My driving force and passion lies behind the opportunity to help you make your goals a reality.”

Follow Mariela’s work here

I want Money Spring Workshop Series.

Looking for a way to embrace the spirit of spring? Join us for the "I Want Money" Workshop Series: Dress, Feel, and Empower Yourself for Financial Success! It's happening on Saturday, May 18th, from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM at the Starting Block, 821 E. Washington Ave.

This workshop is a perfect way to embrace the growth and renewal that comes with May.

It's more than just a workshop—it’s an experience designed to shift your mindset and set you on the path to financial success. Whether starting out, already running a business, or somewhere in between, this event is for you.

We're also excited to announce a special breakout session led by a nationally acclaimed Latina speaker with a workshop in Spanish. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our Spanish-speaking attendees. Don't miss it!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store: 

  1. Money, Vision & Goals (English) and Reinventarse sin Reventarse (Español): Transform abstract visions into concrete financial goals.

  2. How to Dress for Impact on a Budget: Style, professionalism, and affordability expertly combined.

  1. Panel Discussion: Navigating Networking Challenges as a Person of Color in the Midwest. Gain insights and strategies from industry leaders and advocates.

Click below to snag your Tickets.

Use Promo Code: BIGMONEY for a sweet deal

View our Agenda for the day

How to make the most out of the “I Want Money” Workshop Series

How to be comfortable while networking:

  • Embrace diversity: Our definition of networking is about sharing and making diverse connections. The more we share our tastes and interests, the more vibrant and genuine our relationships become.

    • People appreciate sincerity and the willingness to learn.

    • If you’ve made a connection, a simple follow-up message or email can solidify the relationship.

  • Listen actively: Networking is about listening to others' stories and finding themes that relate to your own experiences. You can take notes, but don't worry—we'll provide resources, contacts, and answers to your questions in our master classes.

  • Give yourself time: After the event, give yourself 48-72 hours to digest the information. This will help you save time and may even spark new ideas. Although attending a networking event can feel like a commitment to hard work, the "I Want Money" workshop is designed to focus on building relationships without the pressure of immediate action. Think of it like having a toolkit—you can reach for it whenever you need it.

    • Remember, committing to growth doesn't mean working non-stop. Take the time you need and move at your own pace.

  • Bring out your inner Chingona: Sometimes, all it takes is a little boost to bring out your best. Focus on your five senses and think about how you can use them to set yourself up for success. Whether it’s wearing your favorite color, spritzing a familiar scent, or playing your go-to playlist, a small confidence boost can transform your networking experience. Create an inner environment that feels good to you, and let your chingona shine.

How to talk about Money:

Discussion about finances will be at the forefront, and it's natural to feel anxious. Here's how to keep the conversation comfortable:

  • Share what you’re comfortable with: It's fine to be curious about how others are achieving financial success, but it's crucial only to share what you're comfortable with. Similarly, avoid pressuring others to disclose personal financial information.

  • Start with General Topics: Asking about business models, strategies, and trends is a safe way to begin.

  • Pay Transparency and Personal Stories: We are here for pay transparency and invite all individuals to decide how much they want to share. We're introducing colored name tags to make it easier to understand each person's comfort level.

  • Green name tag- "I can talk Money numbers!"

  • Pink name tag- "I can talk Money Stories!"

Thank you for tuning in this month. Here's to an amazing May full of growth, connection, and success. See you soon!

Summit Credit Union and the Tamara D. Grigsby Office for Equity and Inclusion generously supported this event.

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