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Learn Canva with Yaya

Updated: Jan 24

Yaya Brooks, Canva expert and instructor

Hello everyone, my name is Yajaira Brooks. I'll be teaching the next Midwest Mujeres master class series!

If you have taken Midwest Mujeres' Canva classes before, then you know a little about me! I'm so glad you have decided to Learn Canva with Yaya!

However, if you are new here; WELCOME! I am a full-time stay-at-home mom also managing my graphic design business from home. I also have a personal blog where I share my views on products before people buy them.

Design, for me, is more about helping others through visual communication while having fun doing so than it is a job. My college years were a breeze because of this, except for my Chemistry class. I cannot wait to show you the amazing visuals YOU CAN create with Canva, which has been my design buddy since 2017!

Head over to my personal blog if you wish to learn more about me!

What is Canva?

A close family member is using it, or a friend just got her wedding invitations printed out from Canva. Either way, it goes, I am sure you have heard about this application before. Canva grew in popularity very fast ever since it was founded in January 2013 in Perth, Australia!

Canva is both an online and app design program that allows anyone worldwide to start creating professional-looking designs for free without needing advanced software design skills. They have a wide selection of already-made graphics and tools an individual can utilize to create ANYTHING from a book cover to a resume letter! Their Pro membership gives people an even greater option for graphics and tools.

What will you get with the class?

Both the basic and pro-Canva classes come with a FREE step-by-step PDF file with additional graphic design information you can keep and use for future reference!

What would you learn?

Canva provides you with the graphics and tools needed to create a design, and I will provide you with the design basics needed to navigate and create professional-looking graphics properly! Oftentimes, Canva users start using the application without any blueprint and then end up with designs that are not visually appealing or organized.

I can't wait to connect with you in February! Sign up now space is limited!


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