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Be Bold Program Success!

In March 2022, Midwest Mujeres had a milestone.

We graduated our first cohort of Be Bold women.

Over 30 Mujeres applied

Twenty-three received either partial or full fellowship stipends.

This dream began in 2020 at a local pitch session. We dared to dream about a future for Midwest Mujeres. We dreamed of a future that was both rewarding and educational for women of color, specifically low-income women.

We dreamed of women who were out of the workforce or in careers and wanted to change or upgrade their job would take this course and find value.

Women who wanted to hone their speaking skills, do online presentations, and participate in real conversations about finances and budgeting. In partnership with our online community, we conducted a five-week series where we invited speakers from across the nation. We talked about cash-day pay loans, and the cultural divide in generational wealth growth. We learned how to tell our stories and how to listen to others navigating being a woman of color business owner and making an online presence.

Women from all backgrounds came to learn new skills: to grow their online presence, and they wanted to learn from other women who are micro-influencers. Over 60% of the women wanted to learn how to pitch their business and gain the skills to be on a panel as a speaker or thought leader.

75% of all applicants need childcare to attend our meetings. We provided them with a $100 stipend.

This is a big opportunity to tap into online work resources. When women can create multiple income streams from their homes, they need a community.

Midwest Mujeres is that community.

Next cohort: How to be Chingona on LinkedIn.

Thank you to our funders, supporters, cheerleaders: Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores, Dulce (Madison College, LessWork Media, Iris Design, The Rich Girl Network, Doyenne Madison, and Roots for Change, and Afra Smith of the Melanin Project.


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