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Yo Quiero Dinero, Presents our Honored Storyteller, Dr. Sagashus Levingston

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Dr. Sagashus Levingston will be our honored Storyteller!

In her words:

"Everything about my life's" journey has positioned me to show up for and assist women who are leaders, dream fulfillers, builders of authentic mothering practices, seekers of the best version of yourselves, and value creators."

"People often underestimate the power of their stories, or they don't even see value in their value. But the truth is this: your story is worth way more than you believe. And it is often a gift to so many others."

"The real, lived experiences have the power to inspire, to heal, and to transform the lives of others. When you withhold it, you do them and yourself a disservice. And you deny yourself opportunities that will take you places that money and credit won't."

"For way too long, you've been focusing on what you lack. You have bought into the idea that you don't have the resources you need to get to where you're trying to go. And I'm here to tell you you have everything you need to be on your way. Attend this talk so that I can tell you how."

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