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¡Yo Quiero Dinero Event - Showcasing Our Mentorship Program's Latest Cohort!"

Updated: Jun 11

Hello, summer, sunshine, and all things inspiring!

We want to invite you to our annual ¡Yo Quiero Dinero! Event!

Join us for our annual ¡Yo Quiero Dinero! Event on Saturday, June 15, at the My Arts Theater, where we'll shine a spotlight on women of color who are thriving despite the racial wage gap. Local women, alongside keynote speaker Dr. Xochitl Yadira Gonzalez, will share stories of resilience and empowerment in a society that undervalues them. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to enact change.

This year, we feature 8 local women as speakers, prepared by our expert mentors who are dedicated to helping you find your voice and share your story.

Our mentorship program, "Be Bold and Take the Mic: How to be a Speaker," is open to all members and provides essential guidance.

The co-hort offers:

  • Defining your vision for yourself or your business

  • Identifying your area of experience and expertise

  • Practicing on a panel discussion, live show, or business pitch session

These women have recognized the transformative power of storytelling in attaining financial success and have embraced the opportunity to share their narratives. On June 15th, they will stand before us to inspire.

To get a first glimpse at this year’s honorees and panelists, Click here!

In celebration of our progress, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our guest teachers who have been part of this year’s “Be Bold and Take the Mic: How to be a Speaker” mentorship program. Over the span of 6+ weeks, they have enriched our online classes. Our schedule has been packed with classes on self-presentation for financial success.

These classes are available online and recorded, ensuring everyone who registers can revisit them at their leisure. Additionally, many of our teachers offer consultations to our cohort members, providing personalized guidance to maximize the program’s benefits. This journey is also a chance to bond, forge connections through shared stories, and expand your network in a supportive community.

To learn more about the "Be Bold and Take the Mic" Program and how to become a cohort member for next year’s session, sign up for our newsletters. This empowering opportunity is only one of three programs that Midwest Mujeres proudly offers.

A big thank you to our teachers this session: Prenicia Clifton, Miriam Hall, Karen Garcia, Qiana Holmes, Tekeyla Benton, and Gregg Potter!

Prenicia Clifton is a seasoned Business and Success Coach who specializes in empowering women of color to achieve extraordinary success in the world of business. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this demographic, Prenicia is dedicated to breaking barriers and uplifting individuals on their path to greatness.

Follow her work here: 

Miriam Hall is a Madison-based photographer, writer, and teacher of contemplative arts. Miriam co-authored Looking and Seeing: An Introduction to Contemplative Photography. 

Follow her work here:

Karen Garcia is passionate about family and community. She believes that we must be free to be our authentic selves to encourage and motivate those around us. Outside of her family, she dedicates her time to a career in the legal field. Additionally, she serves as a contract and volunteer interpreter.

Qiana Holmes is a transformational speaker, educator, and owner of Village Girl Boutique, a global fashion brand for women, highlighting the rich beauty of African fabrics and accessories. Village Girl Consulting also provides individual coaching and business consulting to help align your values with the life you want to live. Qiana is an awardee of the 2024 Style & Grace Award from the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce.

Takeyla Benton is a mother of two beautiful souls. She's a mystic, storyteller, and esoteric healer. She infuses her passion for healing and spirit centered conscious evolution in her work as a corporate Diversity Equity and Inclusion Analyst for a local insurance company.

Follow her work here:

Gregg Potter is an international collaboration coach and the Founder and CEO of Project Kinect; a marketing and logistics firm in Madison, WI, USA. He has worked in the restaurant industry as general manager, district manager, and consultant. Potter is also a trained facilitator and futurist often getting hired to consult and facilitate strategic planning.

Watch our latest cohort take the stage! Reserve your tickets for our annual ¡Yo Quiero Dinero! Event on Saturday, June 15, at the MyArts Theater. Don’t miss this chance to be part of an inspiring evening celebrating resilience and success!

A special thank you to our dedicated sponsors for making this event possible


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