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Midwest Mujeres Presents March: Women's History Month Con't

Discover and connect with these Women leaders who helped make our country strive to be a fair and equal place



  • Born in 1958 in Los Angeles, CA

  • The first ever Hispanic Woman to go to space in 1993

  • First Hispanic, and second female, director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX

  • Member of the Discovery STS-96 crew that executed the first docking to the International Space Station (ISS) in 1993

Discover more about Ellen Ochoa


Sojourner Truth

  • Born into slavery in 1797 where she was subjected to harsh physical labor and violent punishments

  • Freed and then became an outspoken abolitionist and civil and women’s rights activist

  • Gave numerous speeches about the horrors of slavery and encouraged young men to join the Union’s cause when the Civil War broke out


Dolores Huerta

  • Born in 1930 in New Mexico Influential labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association

  • Led workers' rights protests, advocated for safer working conditions, and fought for unemployment

  • Recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award (1998) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2012)

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