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Yo Quiero Dinero update

Join us on Friday, June 3rd, in Madison, Wisconsin, for another Yo Quiero Dinero event!

Midwest Mujeres welcomes first-generation immigrants, Spanish speakers, parents, entrepreneurs, healers, community grandmothers, Movement Makers, hustlers, and Dreamers to learn how to grow and maintain your wealth.

“We want our event to be a place of connection for Latina/Black/Indigenous/Asian/LGBTQ/Immigrant and white women to explore their dreams with career coaches and content developers who represent their background and lifestyle and share their ambition to close the wage gap for all women,” says founder Esparza.

Robbi Dominguez from Madison Studio 11 will be there presenting! Thanks, Robbi, for this shout-out!

Robbi is an example of the growth members gains in our collective! We have done interviews and coached them on public speaking, and with that, Robbi has soared in their content development which has gained her more visibility online and new clients!

Our members gain confidence to use the power of the internet to help them communicate their professional experience and obtain higher-paying jobs or new audiences for their business.


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